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Why We Write Jewish Historical Fiction

12:30 13 January
by Nomi Eve and Stephanie Feldman What makes Jewish historical fiction special—as an art form, and as a conversation among Jewish writers and readers? Novelists Nomi Eve (The Family Orchard, Henna House) and Stephanie Feldman (The Angel of Losses) discuss how they came to write
German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Inside the Germany/Israel Relationship

16:57 10 June
In the wake of the Holocaust, Konrad Adenauer and David Ben-Gurion forged an unlikely partnership. More than 60 years later, Germany continues to be one of Israel’s staunchest defenders and most dependable allies. But can the relationship withstand the rising tide of anti-Israel sentiment in Europe and the fading memories of a new generation?

Out of the Closet, Into the Fire

14:37 20 August
This March, history was quietly made in a Saturday morning Orthodox minyan (prayer quorum) at Brandeis University. Avi, a 22-year-old then-college junior from the Boston area, was called up to the Torah for an aliyah. While nothing was said outright, and he had been chosen

The Playwright’s Politics

17:15 11 January
by Ted Merwin & David Zax The man behind Angels in America and Munich sets the record straight on his feelings about Israel, America and being Jewish and gay.   Tony Kushner has curly black hair, a high-pitched voice and an endearing gap between his

Book Review | Black Jews in Africa and the Americas

21:06 28 December
How to Be Black and Jewish Tudor Parfitt Harvard University Press 2013,  $29.95, pp. 232 Tudor Parfitt’s last book, Search for the Lost Ark, was a scholarly romp through history and linguistics—an adventure story that ended where his latest book begins: the remarkable discovery that

Double Exposure

21:04 31 March
By Yoav Stern A Moment Magazine Special Series Israel’s Arab Citizens Israel’s Arab citizens consume both Arabic and Hebrew newspapers, radio and television. But when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict, there can be a stark difference in news coverage. Are two media good for

Revered and Reviled: Bernard Lewis

16:09 16 November
A decade after the September 11th attacks, Moment looks back on the career of the 95-year-old Middle East scholar whose ideas provided the framework for the war in Iraq. Long an outcast in contemporary Middle East Studies departments, he and his followers defend his legacy.