Natural Gas: Israel’s Game Changer

20:22 31 December
Recent discoveries of large natural gas reserves off Israel’s coast will soon transform the country into an energy exporter, and bring in billions of dollars in new revenue. But the new finds also open up a Pandora’s Box of environmental, financial, social, security and foreign policy concerns.

Notes on Akbar Ahmed’s The Thistle and the Drone

15:12 22 July
  1. Akbar Ahmed’s The Thistle and the Drone is his reading of the American War against Terrorism and its ambiguities. He is a former Pakistani Civil Servant, for a number of years Professor at American University, who identifies with the British administrative tradition and

Fiction // Jerusalem Stone

20:22 12 June
Margalit winds her way out of her small city, barely glancing at the well-tended cottages of Mevaseret Tzion, flower beds mulched for the winter, pine trees plunged into the ground like swords, couples piling into cars with plastic bags and backpacks and piles of books

From Arab to Palestinian Israeli

14:44 27 October
In the first of a Moment series on Israel's Arab citizens, we meet three generations of one family. Unlike her grandmother and mother, Sham Kalboni, 35, is a political activist. Still, she has no intention of leaving the country she considers home. Read the introduction to Moment's series on Israel's Arab Citizens.

Women to Israeli government: no to back of the bus

17:17 04 December
By Sarah Breger Last week’s news of Nofrat Frenkel‘s arrest for wearing a Taalit at the Western Wall caused outrage among those concerned (and frustrated by) the relationship between religion and law in Israel. Yet there is another more troubling issue that will be decided