Other ways to support Moment

What kind of legacy will you leave?

Be remembered as a champion for independent Jewish journalism and help Moment keep Jewish intellectual tradition, culture and wisdom alive for the next generation.


“At this time in my life, my mission is to ensure that Moment is there for the generations that come after me,
to learn about and renew their appreciation of our Jewish heritage.”
Advisory board member Gwen Zuares on why Moment will be part of her legacy.

Here are three ways to leave a gift to Moment that cost you nothing now:


Make a gift through your retirement account

Naming Moment as a beneficiary of a retirement plan account (such as an IRA) is one of the most tax-wise gifts you can make. Simply ask your plan administrator for a beneficiary form and write in Moment as a full, partial or contingent beneficiary, with Moment’s Federal Tax ID: 31-1801544.


Make a gift in your will or trust

After you have provided for your family, you can leave a gift in your will or trust that is a dollar amount, a percentage or whatever remains of your estate.


Donate overlooked assets

One of the simplest ways to create your legacy is by naming Moment as the beneficiary of certificates of deposit, life insurance policies, bank or brokerage accounts or donor advised funds that you no longer need. Your financial institution can help you with this easy process.


Benefits to you from the gifts described here


    • Your gift costs nothing now.


    • You are not locked in; you can change your mind if circumstances change.


    • There is no minimum gift. Every gift makes a difference.


  • You can make a gift in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone who inspires you.

Thank you for your support!