Simon Henderson Q&A: Qatar’s Outsized Role in the Middle East

16:41 30 July in Latest, Uncategorized

"Qatar does not support Hamas, Qatar supports the Palestinians,” Qatari Foreign Minister Dr. Khalid Al Attiyah declared in a CNN interview that aired this week. Yet some questions remain. The small Middle Eastern country--which now-former Israeli president Shimon Peres recently called “the world’s largest funder of terror”--has been singled...

Feisty Old Jew Painting

A Feisty Old Jew Goes Fringe

11:57 21 July in Latest, Uncategorized

by Deborah Altman Longtime playwright/performer and San Francisco native Charlie Varon jumps onto the stage. One second he's Varon, the next he's Bernie--an instantaneous transformation from charming 55-year-old storyteller to cranky 83-year-old nursing home escapee. Varon narrates: “Where the hell was that cab? ‘Okay,’ Bernie thought, ‘there’s...