Judaism's Price

10:55 23 July in Latest, Politics
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By Symi Rom-Rymer I’ve never really thought about how expensive it is to be Jewish.  I’m not talking about the cost of being culturally Jewish, but rather about the financial burden one must assume to be at least a semi-observant, synagogue-belonging Jew.   One reason is because...

Tel Aviv Summer

15:14 22 July in Latest, Politics

Moment's first Happy Hour was a huge success!! We keep on getting requests for the Tel Aviv Summer cocktail recipe. So here it is- (One hint: If you drink it while reading a copy of Moment it tastes 10% better) Tel Aviv Summer Cocktail Variety: Sour-Sweet Cocktail Strength: Medium Cocktail Size: Long Glass type: ...

A Polish Education

10:41 15 July in Latest, Politics

By Symi Rom-Rymer [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.957331&w=425&h=350&] BBC News - Poland asks prisoners to care for Je...

The Jews of Dothan

10:49 02 July in Latest, Politics

By Symi Rom-Rymer Can you put a price on living in a Jewish community? Larry Blumberg of Dothan, Alabama hopes you can.  Blumberg, a local businessman, is offering $50,000 to any Jewish family willing to settle in Dothan and grow the local community.  Like the Jewish...

"Yes We Cohen"

14:54 01 July in Latest, Politics

By Ariana Siegel Last month’s Dutch election brought to the fore an issue which is being hotly debated throughout Europe: Muslim immigration. Anti-Islamic sentiment has been gaining ground in Holland since the murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh in 2004 by a Muslim extremist. The issue...

Following Her Vision

12:34 17 June in Latest, Politics
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By Zoe Fox Unlike most students who come from abroad to study in Jerusalem, Emily Henochowicz was initially unconcerned with politics and religion.  She arrived this winter at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design as a student of animation. Her religion and Israeli-born father were...

New Angles/Old Topics

14:21 11 June in Latest, Politics
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By Symi Rom-Rymer The recent flotilla fiasco has unleashed a torrent of articles about Jews, Israel, Zionism, and any semi-related topic.  Buried beneath the information overload, it has been difficult to pinpoint articles that truly have something new to offer.  But here are some that have...