What We’re Reading

11:34 05 December in Culture, Latest

A sad, riveting look at the murder of 8-year-old Brooklyn boy Leiby Kletzky and the troubled Jewish man accused of the crime. Jack Abramoff: "How do you possibly undo the reputation that I have? I could be Mother Teresa and I couldn't undo it." Nik Cohn, pioneer...

What We’re Reading (and Watching)

13:16 02 December in Culture, Latest

ThisNew York Times story on an Atlanta-area Chabad rabbi reviving the practice of gemach, a traditional Jewish program that offers no-interest loans to struggling Jews. The economic downturn, Rabbi Hirshy Minkowicz says, has forced some Jews to seek financial assistance. Jeffrey Toobin's 2009 profile of retiring...

We, the (Arab) People

14:24 20 July in Latest, Politics

By Aarian Marshall Like many people my age, I watched the Arab Spring on CNN, from my university’s Student Campus Center. Sometimes, someone would change the channel—March Madness was on, and basketball involves a crowd of people screaming plus the satisfaction of a conclusion in 90...

Weinergate 2011 Rages On

12:06 03 June in Latest, Politics

by Daphna Berman Anthony Weiner is used to being in the headlines, but for once, the outspoken congressman is trying to retreat—though perhaps ungracefully— from the public eye.  The latest Weiner brouhaha started Friday, after a close up of a man’s crotch was sent from Weiner’s...

Keeping Up With the Times: Digitizing Holocaust Archives

12:56 18 February in History, Latest, Religion

By Amanda Walgrove The rapid growth of technology, characteristic of the twenty-first century, has altered methods of human relation. Communicating through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and email correspondence can make interpersonal connections seem trivial and dispassionate, but technological advancements can also produce meaningful intimacy. For example, we...

Let My People Vote!

13:10 16 February in Latest, Politics
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By Steven Philp Egypt may lack a president, but it is not bereft of direction. Meeting two primary demands of pro-democracy protestors, Egyptian military leaders have dissolved the parliament, suspended the constitution and set a schedule for drafting a new one ahead of September elections. As...