The Life and Times of Skokie

16:09 06 October in 2010 May-June

The pristine lawns and perfect sidewalks of this Chicago suburb made it a haven for Holocaust survivors—until the neo-Nazis decided to march. This is the story of survivors overcoming their reluctance to speak out, transforming themselves and the community they lived in. But that didn’t...

Poem—Michael Sandler

16:17 04 October in 2010 January-February

Lokshin Kugel Noodles. Perhaps they’re chosen—the lokshin, pasta— because they’ve wandered far—not Marco Polo or some Khan but from Jerusalem’s Talmud (Beitza 60d) which calls it itriyta, something preserved—afterward, Arabs lade itriyah on feluccas bound for Marsala, not the fresh noodles, lakhsha (from Persian, not Parmesan) that exiles in Venice later roll...