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More on Jews + Blacks

NJDC's blog alerted us to a recent Daily Show video that you can see here. It's about Jewish/Black relations, only from the distinctively funny and revealing angle that Jon Stewart and co. have made so effective. This is becoming a hot topic in election news. Just last week we posted on the relationship between blacks and Jews and how that relationship could impact the election, if at all. We concluded: Some Jews, like some white (and other) people in this country as a whole, won’t vote for Senator Obama in part or in whole because he is black. An estimate of that number is very difficult to gauge since people habitually lie when it comes to talking about their racial attitudes. Whether there will be enough Jewish Democrat voters who stay home on Election Day and/or vote...

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Israeli Sexiness Won’t Die

Our May/June issue certainly received mixed reviews from our readers due to the sexy cover image (left). But Heeb Magazine has done us one better. Their current issue features a pull-out calendar—a swimsuit calendar—of "the most beautiful Jewish women in the world." Titled "The Ladies of '69" for this year 5769 (get your mind out of the gutter), it's sure to turn heads at your local newsstand. Jewlicious, Jerusalem Post and Ha'aretz each had their own coverage. Nobody failed to point out that Bar Rafaeli, the Sports Illustrated and Victoria's Secret model, is included in the calendar. The Jerusalem Post has this preview: Other models participating in the shoot included Israelis Moran Attias, Adi Neumann and Esti Ginzburg, a four-time covergirl for French Elle who was snapped in a red bikini while holding a fishing rod on which she's...

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