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That’s one way to win the Jewish Vote

14:00 14 July in Politics

Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann may have been hoping to endear herself to the Jewish crowd by saying President Obama has "chutzpah."  The fact that it came out "choot-spa" may not help her quite so much. [youtube=]...

Shakespeare’s “Merchant of NYC”

11:12 14 July in Arts & Culture
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By Sarah Breger; Interview by Sophie Taylor To stage The Merchant of Venice is courageous; to stage The Merchant of Venice so soon after the celebrated Al Pacino-led performance on Broadway even more so. The Washington Shakespeare Theatre’s production—a re-imagining of the play in 1920s New...

Andy Samberg’s Semitic Appeal

14:11 07 June in Arts & Culture
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by Amanda Walgrove Andy Samberg is one of three geeky brains behind the comedy troupe, The Lonely Island, whose sophomore album, Turtleneck and Chain, was released last month. Along with Akiva Shaffer and Jorma Taccone, the trio is responsible for the hilarious Digital Shorts that interrupt the...

Chagall’s Crucifixions

17:02 27 May in Arts & Culture

By Kayla Green For the first time in history, Marc Chagall’s Bible-themed engravings, originally intended as a gift for his second wife, are on display to the public. The engravings are part of the “Chagall and the Bible” exhibit in Paris’s Museum of Jewish Art and...

Kafka’s Jewish Ghosts

12:56 24 March in Politics

By Kayla Green Franz Kafka is truly representative of three distinct cultures. He was raised in the Czech Republic—a fact that Czech nationalists and aficionados will never let one forget—and is used as a symbol of pride for the Czech Republic. However, his writing, the source...