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How Has Jewish Thought Influenced Science?

19:25 31 July in 2014 January-February, Arts & Culture, Big Questions, Jewish World

How has Jewish thinking influenced science? Moment poses the question to scientists and scholars Yehuda Bauer, Jonathan Ben-Dov, Edward Bormashenko, Jeremy Brown, Allison Coudert, Noah Efron, Shmuel Feiner, Gad Freudenthal, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, Susan Greenfield, Menachem Kellner, Daniel Matt, Judea Pearl, Jonathan Sacks, Gerald Schroeder,...

Feisty Old Jew Painting

A Feisty Old Jew Goes Fringe

11:57 21 July in Latest, Uncategorized

by Deborah Altman Longtime playwright/performer and San Francisco native Charlie Varon jumps onto the stage. One second he's Varon, the next he's Bernie--an instantaneous transformation from charming 55-year-old storyteller to cranky 83-year-old nursing home escapee. Varon narrates: “Where the hell was that cab? ‘Okay,’ Bernie thought, ‘there’s...

A Visit to Tantura

15:38 24 June in Latest
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by Stephen Stern Harsh legacies and uncertain memories of 1948 entangle two families at the heart of The Admission, a new work by Israeli playwright Motti Lerner. The play had been years in development by its Israeli creative team and Washington DC's Theater J--where it had...

Tent of Nations before and after.

The Fate of Fruit Trees

10:53 12 June in In the News, Latest, Politics

by Ilana Sumka   [caption id="attachment_17522" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Tent of Nations before and after. Photo courtesy of Ilana Sumka.[/caption] Looking over the rolling hills of the West Bank, the Palestinian man speaking to our Jewish group said: “In our culture, we have a tradition of planting fruit trees,...

Shalom: At Home in Berlin

17:31 14 May in Arts & Culture, Culture, Misc

Germany's multicultural capital is becoming a center for Jewish life and culture. With thousands of young Israelis choosing to settle in Berlin, Jewish culture is once again flourishing in the city’s majestic synagogues and vibrant community gatherings, enriching its art scene and turning it into...

Meaning and the Two-State Solution

14:09 02 May in Latest

by Susan Pashman As I set out to see for myself what was happening on Israel’s West Bank, I was also hungrily devouring Ari Shavit’s magnificent book, My Promised Land. In chapters chock full of painstakingly researched history and brave, absorbing interviews with the historical actors, I...