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Why Not Say What Happened by Morris Dickstein

Book Review // Why Not Say What Happened

14:06 23 April in 2015 March-April

WHY NOT SAY WHAT HAPPENED:  A Sentimental Education Morris Dickstein Liveright Publishing Corporation W.W. Norton 2015, pp. 320 $27.95 -------------------------------   Review by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt In the foreword of his affecting memoir, Why Not Say What Happened: A Sentimental Education, Morris Dickstein recounts an odd, revealing incident. In 1965, at age 25, he has returned...

The Isaiah Scroll

Editing the Editor

15:31 11 March in Arts & Culture, Latest, Web

The Education of an Interloper by Jack Miles [dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was as a student at the Hebrew University during the 1966-1967 academic year that I was first introduced to the notion of orthopraxis as distinct from orthodoxy. A chain-smoking lecturer on Talmud, speaking in English to a class of...

Ezra Reads the Book of Law

Curating a New Jewish Canon

13:05 11 March in 2015 March-April

When Jack Miles approached me with the proposition to edit the Judaism volume of the projected Norton Anthology of World Religions, I was naturally flattered but also confounded. There are, of course, many anthologies of Judaism in different formats. But the Norton anthologies are different....