Steven Volynets

Interview: Steven Volynets

18:19 06 December
Born in Soviet Ukraine, Steven Volynets immigrated to the United States as a child. He turned to literature after several years as a journalist. Moment spoke with him about his new story, his childhood in Russia and his evolution as a writer.

Short Fiction // Turboatom

15:19 21 November
I wanted to tell my father that the fish salad was shining, but he was asleep, calling my name in long somniloquous moans. I stood at his bedside, the shape of our room made visible by the scarce lights of the Marshal Zhukov Street. Slava! My name rose from his lungs...
Nadine Epstein

From The Editor // November/December 2016

13:34 03 November
his incredibly polarizing presidential campaign and election are finally behind us. To quote from Robert Hunter’s lyrics in the Grateful Dead song “Truckin’,” “…what a long, strange trip it has been.” This was a campaign like no other in my memory. Along with so many

New York City Is Not a Melting Pot

12:38 30 November
Snapshot of Black Man Asleep On A Jewish Man’s Shoulder Unleashes (Virtual) Love Fest  By Steven Volynets The social media frenzy spawned by the cell phone photo of a black man sleeping on the shoulder of the 65 year-old Brooklynite Oscar “Isaac” Theil—an observant Jew—culminated