Who’s Afraid of Dorit Rabinyan?

16:00 14 July
Israeli novelist Dorit Rabinyan was enjoying a peaceful afternoon at home on December 30, 2015, when a phone call from an old friend, Haaretz journalist Or Kashti, changed her life. “I have something to tell you,” he said. “It may be the biggest story I will ever break.” “Good for you!” replied Rabinyan. “No,” said Kashti quietly, “it is very good for you.”

The Year of the Woman Campaign

10:40 01 June
Celebrating Women’s Leadership The public sphere is in great need of leaders who choose collaboration over confrontation, pragmatism over preening, compromise over conflict. And research shows that women often bring these very qualities to leadership roles—along with a commitment to solving problems and the ability to rebound
Stav Shaffir

The Equality Myth

16:12 22 May
The story of Israel’s founding usually  goes something like this: Sun-kissed male and female pioneers plowed the fields by day, danced the hora by night, did guard duty until dawn and together built an egalitarian utopia. The equality of men and women, the narrative continues,

July/August 2017 | Table of Contents

11:40 12 July
Culture Who’s Afraid of Dorit Rabinyan? The Israeli author became a literary superstar when Israel’s Education Minister called her novel depicting a Palestinian-Israeli romance a threat to Jewish identity and pulled it from the nation’s schools. by Marilyn Cooper Politics Playing To Win Sheldon Adelson’s launch of Israel

David Grossman: The Dissenting Patriot

15:54 24 May
In 1987, the editors of the Israeli weekly newsmagazine Koteret Rashit marked the 20th year of Israeli control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip by dispatching the young, up-and-coming novelist and journalist David Grossman to spend seven weeks among Palestinians and Israeli settlers living in the West Bank.

May/June 2014 Table of Contents

15:58 19 May
  FEATURES THE ADELSON EFFECT  Billionaire Sheldon Adelson is best known in the United States for his outsized contributions on behalf of Republican presidential candidates, but in Israel, where he owns two newspapers, he may wield far more influence. Has he become the “Rupert Murdoch”